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4 States – 5 Crews – 1 Week

For the First Time in the History of Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc. (IET)  We will have 5 crews operating from New Hampshire to Florida During the Week of 6/20/16

DNAPL Treatment     – New Hampshire       

Heavy Metal Stabilization – Ohio                 

PCE/TCE Treatment – North Carolina           

5 week Sampling Event – Florida                  

Well Installation       – North Carolina


Formed in January of 1998, IET has steadily increased our field capabilities, our technologies, our personnel and the geography we service.  Managing this growth while maintaining our quality has been a challenge.  Thanks to our personnel and their commitment to excellence IET for the first time in our history is applying 5 different services in four different states during the week of June 20th, 2016.

IET offers a full spectrum of remedial options to our clients, targeting chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pesticides and DNAPL stabilization.

IET offers complete environmental drilling services, including well installation, soil sampling and well decommissioning.

We at IET look forward to servicing more customers, in more states as we continue to grow.  I have to thank all our employees, who continue to maintain their commitment to quality service to our clients.

Michael Scalzi, President.  Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc. (IET)

Innovative Environmental Technologies

Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc. (IET) is the oldest and most respected remedial contractor providing patented and licensed in-situ injection services in the United States. Formed in 1998, IET provides turn-key design and implementation services to environmental consulting companies. Since 1998, IET has designed and implemented over 1,000 in-situ remediation projects. IET is committed to providing the most appropriate and cost-effective technology based solutions for a wide variety of impacted soils and groundwater. IET's in-house and licensed technologies allow for the in-situ treatment of chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydro carbons, pesticides and heavy metals.