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IET – World’s Largest AMS Track Rig Fleet

With the addition of several additional AMS-VTR Rigs in 2016, IET now maintains the largest AMS- track rig fleet in the world!P1030814

                     Why has IET invested so heavily in AMS – DPT equipment? 

  1. John Deer Power – AMS rigs use American Made power systems
  2. Larger hydraulic hammers – most over 250 lbs.  AMS uses domestic hydraulic hammer suppliers, making access to parts and supplies easy.
  3. Powder coated rather than painted – unlike other Direct-Push Rigs, all our AMS rigs are powder coated, years of service and they still look like new.
  4. We “Hit Twice as Hard – less frequently” – the frequency of the AMS hammers vibrate less, insuring better  sample collection and better annular space seal (important for in situ injection applications).
  5. Our hammers are adjustable – IET, with our AMS equipment can “dial-down” or “dial-up” our hydraulics, allowing for site specific probing.
  6. Powerful, multi speed auger motors.
  7. Air Hammer Capabilities – allowing for well installation into bedrock.


Innovative Environmental Technologies

Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc. (IET) is the oldest and most respected remedial contractor providing patented and licensed in-situ injection services in the United States. Formed in 1998, IET provides turn-key design and implementation services to environmental consulting companies. Since 1998, IET has designed and implemented over 1,000 in-situ remediation projects. IET is committed to providing the most appropriate and cost-effective technology based solutions for a wide variety of impacted soils and groundwater. IET's in-house and licensed technologies allow for the in-situ treatment of chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydro carbons, pesticides and heavy metals.